Kanye & Contacts Love Lockdown

It’s finally October! Have you been waiting all year to wear that sparkly jacket then realized, I don’t have blue contacts for my Kanye costume?? Well, look no further because we are here to help you make sure you follow the correct steps to achieve that fierce look.


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Step 1:

Plan ahead. Costume and colored contact lenses are typically custom orders. These lenses take time to arrive so start planning now if you need colored contact lenses for Halloween!


You will need to book an eye exam prior to receiving contact lenses. Since all contact lenses are different sizes, we take measurements of your eyes to ensure you have the correct fit and that you can see properly. If you do not have a properly fitted contact lens, you risk injuries to the front of your eyes and trust us, it’s painful! Even Yeezy had his eyes examined when he wore his colored lenses!


Step 2:

Don’t buy costume contact lenses at your local gas station or beauty store. Buy them at an eye care professional’s office. Contact lenses are a medical device!

Contact lenses sit right on your eye. You might think, it’s just a small piece of plastic but there is a lot more that goes into contact lens. Not every material is safe for the eyes. Your eyes need to breathe properly. If you are wearing a pair of contact lenses that do not allow enough oxygen to pass to your eye, you risk severe infection and complications which can lead to permanent vision loss.

All our contact lenses at MVC are approved by Health Canada and our team ensures that you are wearing lenses that are safe for the eyes.


Step 3:

Leave extra time for your contact lens insertion before your big Halloween debut! The last thing you want is to feel rushed trying to get your lenses in. Also, always apply makeup after your contact lenses are in.

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, our staff will teach you the proper techniques on how to wear and care for your contact lenses. Remember that these lenses are fit just for you and are NOT to be shared. If at any time your eyes are feeling irritated or red, remove your contact lenses and see us right away!




If Kanye can manage to see an optometrist to make sure his costume contact lenses are fitting properly, then surely you can too! Whether you are Kanye at the Met Gala or Kanye as a Perrier bottle we hope you have a safe and wonderful Halloween!


Click here to book an appointment for an eye exam!

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