Don’t Ignore Your Sunnies This Winter!

Are you one of those people who puts away their sunnies once there’s snow on the ground? Don’t be! Our eyes need even more protection during the winter months because of the bright reflection of the UV rays off the snow.


Also - we like to think that wearing sunglasses can easily trick our brains into thinking we’re on some Caribbean island sipping mojitos instead of trudging through tundra-like conditions.


We can’t be the only ones who think this way, can we?


No matter your justification, there is no reason why your sunglasses should be ignored during winter months - your eyes need the protection, and your outfit needs some spice and everything nice, so why not sport your sunnies?


Here are some ideas for how to style your sunglass collection with your winter gear.



Got an all-black ensemble? Or perhaps a statement coat that needs a bit of extra pep? Your trusty all-black sunnies will do the job to add the right amount of drama.



Winter is all about cozy knits and fuzzy scarves … your classic tortoiseshell or multi-hued sunglasses will be a great compliment to those winter staples.




Nothing says winter sports like metallics and mirrored lenses. If you have a pair of these in your collection of summer sunglasses, don’t be afraid to wear them with your fluffiest parka and hit the slopes or apres-ski!



We are on the verge of holiday festivities and daytime lunches and events will start popping up in your calendar. Grab your delicate sunglasses for these occasions, and if there’s a touch of gold, then you’ve nailed festive chic.


Feeling inspired? Or at least a little warmer? What’s your favourite way to wear your sunglasses during winter?

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