Top 5 Eye Myths Debunked

Growing up we were always told that if you cross your eyes, they will stay that way forever. Have you ever wondered if this is true? Contrary to this tall tale, the answer is no! Read more on our most commonly asked questions at Merivale Vision Care! 

1. If I wear glasses will it make my vision worse? 

Absolutely not! If you are wearing the correct prescription you are doing yourself a favour by allowing your eyes to see clearly. To see clearly, glasses focus light onto the correct spot in the back of your eye. If your prescription changes it can be due to many factors such as environmental, genetics and diseases as well. If your eye doctor recommends that you wear your glasses then please wear them!  

2. If I can see fine with or without my glasses, then why do I need an eye exam every two years? 

An eye exam is more than just a prescription check. Our optometrists also check the front and back of the eye for any diseases as well. We can detect things like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer! Not all eye diseases cause pain. In fact, some diseases are completely silent like glaucoma. If the disease goes undetected for too long, you may lose permanent vision.  An eye exam every two years is recommended for your healthy individual. For those who have diabetes or family history of eye diseases, we see you annually! 


3. Why is my contact lens prescription different from my glasses prescription? 

Just like our eyes, contact lenses come in all different sizes and materials. Unlike glasses which are completely customizable to your prescription, contact lenses have certain limitations. Our optometrists prescribe a specific brand and size of contact lens for your eyes. We evaluate the lenses on your eye to ensure that your eyes are safe in these lenses. Incorrect contact lens wear can cause permanent damage. 

4. Am I damaging my eyes from using the computer and smartphone daily? 

The verdict is still out on this one. Some research says that harmful blue rays can cause permanent damage to the back of our eyes (based on animal studies). Other don’t believe that there is enough exposure to cause damage. However, we do know that certain blue rays can affect your sleep cycles and can cause eye strain like Computer Vision Syndrome. Blue light filter lenses in your glasses can help with these issues. At MVC we offer these lenses to both children and adults. If you want to see what it’s like, we also have samples to show you in store! 


5. When should I bring my child in for an eye exam? 

Don’t be shocked when you read this, but your child’s first eye exam should be between 6-9 months. At the first exam we are checking to see if all the eye structures are healthy and developing properly. As well, with light we can check to see if there are any eye conditions like a lazy eye or eye turn. Every year we will see your child for a routine eye exam. Did you know that the eye exam is covered under OHIP annually? Kids are covered until they turn 20 years old! 

Now that we’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions, we invite you to come by for an eye exam and ask us any other questions that are on your mind! You can book an eye exam online or by phone (613) 226-8446. Visit us! 

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