Makeup Tips Part 2

After hearing such wonderful feedback on the last makeup tips post, the consensus was “more please!” You’re in luck since I had to cut just over 300 words the from the last post, I’ll add them back here in part two. Grab your brushes people and get ready!


If you happen to have skin that is on the oilier side, or if you wear a heavier moisturizer due to dry skin, dust a little bit of your setting powder onto the base of the nose pads on your frame. Doing so will create a bit of “grab” on the skin and prevent your frames from sliding down your nose.

If your frame has a lot of shine to it, dust your complexion with a little more of your setting powder for a satin-to-matte finish on the skin. Alternatively, if you have a matte finish to your frame play with a little highlight on the tops of the cheekbones to bring a little light to the face.


A great way to enhance your eye colour behind an eyeglass frame is to use eyeshadow in complementary colours suited to the colour of your eyes. You can wear whatever colours you like best, but colour theory shows that complimentary colours enhance the intensity of the colour of your iris. Blue eyes are flattered most by warm tones such as orange based browns, bronze, amber, and golds. Green eyes look amazing in mauve, purple, lilac and plum shades. Hazel eyes can wear both warm and cool toned eyeshadows because hazel sits right between green and brown. Brown eyes look gorgeous in neutral tones and bronzy shades but also look amazing when sporting salmon and deep blue eyeshadows.

Use a shimmery beige or pink eyeshadow as brow highlight and dust some on the inner corners of the eyes to bring even more light. A little sparkle along the lash line also works to “glow up” your peepers.

If you’re a fan of false lashes, we highly recommend wearing a lash style that caters more towards volume than length, so that the lashes don’t touch the back of your lenses.


If you wear a thin metal frame or acetate frame that’s softer in colour or translucent why not try a bold lip in a tone that suits your frame? We love a classic tortoiseshell with an orangey-red matte lip. If your frame is a super bright or bold colour, a neutral lipstick or gloss won’t compete with your frame and will keep attention on the eyes.

At the end of the day you can also throw all the “rules,” after all they’re meant to be broken – except the hygiene ones, those really aren’t made to be broken! Wear your makeup in whichever way feels best to you, even if that means wearing pink eyeshadow and hot pink lips with your fluorescent pink frames. If what you’re wearing feels true to you then you’ll pull it off because you are being authentically yourself through your eyeglass and makeup style. 

Written by Tracey Lee, Registered Optician at MVC

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