Rocket Man

As an eyecare professional I always notice eyeglasses on people, in both media and real life. A hot source of inspiration in our office lately has been Elton John. Eye wear is key to his signature style, and the eyewear featured in the movie “Rocket Man,” has had us so excited to branch out into the world of bold, flashy and even flamboyant styles with our patients. We’re also all about multiple eyewear options as key accessories in personal style and so is Elton. The superstar has confirmed that he owns over 250000 (yes, you read that right – one quarter of a million) pairs of eyeglasses! I’m sure no two pairs are the same. #goals. To put that number into perspective, we carry about 1200 frames in our optical boutique, so we would need approximately 208 of our offices to accommodate his eyewear collection! Feeling inspired to go for something wild and fun? Here are some amazing Rocket Man inspired selections to get you started.

Rocket Man

Pop by to check out some glitter infused acetate sunglasses or ophthalmic frames from Saint Laurent. Elton John is not afraid of glitter and neither are we. Blast off to the stars with some sparkle!

Tiny Dancer

Elton John loves oversized circular frames in soft colours. Check out these amazing Chloe sunglasses below. We’re pretty sure that Taron Egerton is sporting this exact frame in the movie. For a softer scaled back option try out the Chloe ophthalmic collection. Bold in the sense of unique shapes, but softened by a more muted colour palette, Chloe is one of my favourite collections in our boutique.

Bennie & The Jets

Elton can often be spotted in a cool navigator style frame, and sports multiple versions. Bold brow bars and squared off corners, shiny metal frames and modified aviators. Take off with this cool frame silhouette in both sunglasses and clear pairs.

Crocodile Rock

Channel Elton’s rock star energy with square wire frames and geometric shapes. Be sure to add a medium to light tint for rock star mystery both indoors and out.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Show your eyewear some love with a heart shaped frame and rose-coloured tinted lenses. Don’t be afraid of colours or patterns to add some pizzazz to your lifestyle jazz.

Anything goes with Rocket Man inspired styles, so come in and play with some adventurous eyewear, and watch your style-star rise! The sky is the limit.

Rocket Man still photo credits Refinery 29 post “All the Over-The-Top from Elton John’s Rocket Man Biopic – All in One Place” by Eliza Huber, May 31, 2019 3:42 pm. Photos courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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