See Everything While On Vacation!

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with the holidays comes plenty of travel. There is nothing worse than going on vacation and forgetting extra contact lenses, losing sunglasses or breaking your glasses. You need to be able to see to enjoy your getaway to the max! Without further adieu, here are a few helpful tips we like to share when a vacation is on the horizon.

We highly recommend bringing a copy of your current prescription with you when you travel. File it in with your travel documents or keep it folded up in your wallet, that way if trouble strikes and you are in a place where you can have glasses made you don’t have to waste valuable vacation time tracking down your prescription. Bring copies of prescriptions belonging to any family members travelling with you for speedy action against any issues.

Please pack a backup pair of glasses for yourself and your travel companions. Accidents happen and if repairs or purchasing glasses aren’t an option, you have something to wear during your holiday and can sort the rest out when you get home.

Sunglasses have a notorious habit of getting lost or broken while on vacation, so please bring an extra pair. Bonus points for a polarized pair for extra glare reduction. When you’re out in the bright sun on the beach and your sunglasses fall into the sea or having a snowball fight with your family and your sunnies get crunched, you’ll thank yourself for having a second set especially if you wear a prescription.

Please pack extra contact lenses with you to cover the duration of your vacation and some extra pairs just in case. Be sure to also bring enough solutions, drops and a backup case. You’ll want to have more than you need in case you lose one, or one gets damaged, or if you wear them in the pool or hot tub. Contact lenses need to be removed and tossed immediately after wearing in water. 

If you’re travelling somewhere by airplane, it’s smart to pack all vision care needs in your carry-on, just like you would any prescription medication and an extra pair of underwear! If your luggage gets delayed, you’ll be able to see what’s happening and react accordingly. Think about your destination. Can you travel light and pick up a large bottle of contact lens solution where you arrive, or are you going somewhere where sourcing these things would be more difficult? Keep smaller bottles in your carry-on and keep larger (sealed) bottles of eyeglass cleaner or contact lens solution in checked luggage inside a freezer bag in case a pressure change pops the bottle.

Follow all these helpful hints and you won’t miss out on any of the precious moments and memories you’ll create during your travels and events.

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