See and Appreciate More with Premium Progressive Lenses and our Spring Promo

Spring is here! As the weather in Ottawa is getting warmer and more people are becoming vaccinated, there are more activities available to do.


Start thinking about preparing your eyes to do more as well! Starting April 2021, Wellington Vision Care and our sister store, Merivale Vision Care, are holding a promotion for $100 off for premium progressive lenses with a purchase of a pair of frames!

What are progressive lenses?

Progressives, often called multifocal lenses, offer a seamless transition from far to near, allowing you to see everything all in one pair of lenses. They are an upgrade from bifocal and trifocal lenses that have a visible line where the prescription changes.


Progressive lenses are often needed for people over 40 that start to have trouble with work at near vision, such as reading or looking at their phone. While you can opt for having a separate pair of reading glasses, progressives are very convenient as they eliminate the need to constantly switch glasses.


Don't forget to think about your intermediate working distance! Reading glasses are only good for close-up work of about 40cm, but computers tend to be further away at 1m. When you have a high reading prescription, you will find that neither single vision distance nor reading glasses will be enough for a computer/ intermediate distance, which also includes the dashboard of your car. You will feel eye strain trying to focus on those areas. Progressives are a good solution for that!

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What sets apart premium and standard lenses?


Premium progressive lenses are personalized lenses made with the latest technologies for the best vision and comfort. They provide:


  • Sharper vision - See clearer and brighter


  • Better field of view - Larger distance and reading area, as well as wider corridor)


  • More comfort - Less distortion + smoother transition


  • Quicker adaptation - Less dizziness, off balance, headache, or issues with depth perception


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Why get premium lenses?


Buying glasses is like buying a car. They are both an investment that people need and use every day. While a standard and expensive car provide the same function to get you from point A to point B, the more expensive car will be much more comfortable, have more features and usually provide greater safety.


Glasses are a medical device, a necessity for everyday life. Appreciate the vision that you have and give your eyes the comfort that they deserve! Once you experience premium progressive lenses, you will love it! And if you don’t, for whatever reason, fret-not. There is a 3-month warranty for all progressive lenses. Our team is dedicated to find the best fit to your vision needs!


Call our office at 613-421-4880 or email us a to book a dispensing appointment and our opticians will be happy to discuss all the options with you!


If you need an updated prescription, contact us to book an eye exam with our optometrists by phone, email, or online HERE.

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