See the world in different colours!

The colour of sunglass lenses is not just for aesthetics!  Different coloured lenses offer different types of advantages in various environment and activities. Having a good understanding will help you pick the best lens for your lifestyle by improving your depth perception or reducing fatigue.

Shamir Sunglass Coloured Lenses

Tinted & Coloured Lenses

The most basic type of lens is a tint. These are coloured lenses that filter out particular wavelengths to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of sunlight. The entire lens is made up of a semitransparent material. The tints come in various colours such as blue, green, brown, grey and even pink. Each colour serves a different role in protecting your eyes. Below are some of the more common colours and their uses.

Grey lenses are one of the two most common colour. Grey lenses cut out light across the spectrum, making them ideal for people who are more sensitive to light or experiences eye fatigue. It also allows you to see colours more accurately. This type of lens is ideal for people who will be spending extensive amount of time outdoors, such as gardening, working, or spending time in highly reflective environments. While they are good for general usage, some people find that they cut out too much light. If this is a concern, make sure to ask for samples before ordering!


Brown sunglasses is the other most common choice because they are very versatile. By letting a bit of red light to go through, brown lenses offer good all-round protection while still allowing for a generous amount of illumination. This means better depth perception and higher contrast, particularly when looking at greenery and blue skies/water. This colour is perfect for general use, driving, or activities in the nature.

Green lenses are wonderful because they greatly reduce glare in sunny days and brighten dark shadows. The higher contrast and even colour distribution creates a sharper and less straining image. They are particularly useful for sports where precision is needed, like golf or tennis.


Blue lenses are both trendy and calming for your eyes. They provide clearer contour and good colour perception. If you like water or winter sports, they are great at reducing the glare of the highly reflective surfaces. They are one of the best lenses to use in snowy or foggy weather. Plus, they are very fashionable!

Rose tinted lenses are sometimes prescribed by doctors medicinally because they are very soothing for your eyes. They are used for indoor conditions such as computer use or under fluorescent lighting, as they can enhance details and depth perception. Pink tints are good for general outdoor use as well!


Yellow lenses are the best to use in low light settings, such as foggy or hazy days. It increases contrast and provide more clarity. That is why they are often used in shooter’s lenses to enhance detail and precision. Skiers and high-altitude hikers also like this tint because the long shadows at sunrise and sundown can make these activities difficult otherwise. Yellow lenses block out blue light, so they can also be used for extensive computer use in reducing eye strain. One thing to keep in mind is that it distorts colour more than the other tints.

Other sun wear options!

Instead of getting your lenses tinted, you can have polarized lenses. Polarized lenses cut out wavelengths from objects that are reflecting light towards your eyes at angles that you are not directly looking at. The result is a lens that does an excellent job of cutting out glare completely. Any pair of polarized lenses will be superior to a simple tint and cut out more light; in an ideal world, all sunglasses would be polarized for maximum UV protection.

Want to be the talk of town with glasses that wow everyone? Gradient tints are an option, with the top being the darkest and the bottom being lighter. This also has a practical use: For those looking to read in the sun, the lighter portion allowing in more light makes it easier to see words on books, kindles, or other electronic devices! Mirror tints are available as well, allowing for even more light reflection (and they look nifty!)

For those looking for more convenient choices, consider transition or clip-on! Transitions are activated by UV rays and will darken in the sun. Once you are indoors, they will become clear lenses again. Clip ons are a separate piece to the frame with tinted lenses and are designed to go over your regular clear lenses. They are generally custom-made to the frame or comes with the frame and are super easy to pop on and off!

Hopefully now you understand the best lenses for sunglasses that is best suited for you! If you have further questions, ask one of our knowledgeable opticians!

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