Inclusivity Starts with YOU

Navigating our everyday lives, the idea of inclusivity seems simple- include everyone. However, not everyone- workplace or not, is on the same page. When it comes to Wellington Vision Care, our idea is EVERYONE. Inclusivity is one of our core values. Regardless of race, class, sexuality, disability, or gender, we show up for everyone.  We appreciate what each difference brings to the table, from experiences to individual values, because we believe that EVERYONE deserves quality care. 

Joining Wellington and Merivale Vision Care in early 2020, it was apparent to me what our message is: We are a community. After working closely with everyone in the office, I can state that we live this lifestyle. The culture that we cultivate is one of inclusivity, involvement, and understanding. Every month, we support local charities, like Capital Rainbow Refuge. They provide a safe space for sexual and gender minority refugees who are fleeing dangerous situations. For June, we have been donating $4 from every eye exam to support them and the fantastic people in the LGBTQ+ community. This year we have seen 197 exams at Wellington Vision Care, and have raised a total of $3,996 combined between both locations. 

The culture that we have created stretches to our patient care. We understand that every person who walks through our office is unique and deserves the best quality of care. We do our best as Eye Care Professionals to make everyone feel heard, understood, and appreciated- and that is non-negotiable. During Pride Month, we don our rainbow flags in support of our lovely patients so that everyone understands that we are open to everyone.  

However, we live Pride Month year-round! As Pride month ends, our support does not waver. We are an inclusive safe space for all and are always looking for ways to be more welcoming. We appreciate feedback and strive to be the best allies that we can be. We realize that Inclusivity starts with us, and truly live that in our day to day lives.  

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