Top Men’s Frames for Summer 2021

This summer’s collection of frames features a number of men’s frames that will keep you looking sharp on those all-important zoom calls. Outside of those calls, we tend to have half of our face covered up, so the glasses become the main focus. Here are some inspirational frames, that will help illustrate the story of who you are.  

Kirk & Kirk 

Chunky acetate frames are the trendiest look for this year! You will not go unnoticed in these Kirk & Kirk Victor K10. The soft, translucent colour balances out the bold frame structure, allowing you to easily match with any outfit!  

Kirk & Kirk Victor K10 Men’s frames

Francois Pinton 

For the sophisticated man, you will want to take a look at the Francois Pinton collection. Made with the utmost detail, the splash of gold mixed with the aviator style gives off a sharp and polished look. With the intricate design, the BALZAC 2 will help you look both professional and stylish. 

Francois Pinton BALZAC 2 Men’s frames

Andy Wolf 

These Andy Wolf’s are a modern upgrade to the 70’s oversized square frames. The angular frame helps define a rounder face and its thinner and minimalistic front gives off a look of elegance. It is a beautifully designed large frame that isn’t too chunky or bold. 

Andy Wolf Men’s frames


The Etnia BARU adds a playfulness to your look with its pop of colour, then reels it in with the dark tortoiseshell top. The fit of these frames should line up so that the top of the frame follows the curve of your eyebrows. You will look fun and creative, while still looking professional! 

Etnia Barcelona BARU Men’s frames


The Montblanc frame collection are made for men with an appreciation for elegance and sophistication. The hybrid of plastic and metal arms makes it look clean and sharp, yet elegant. You get the softer and more comfortable look of the plastic frame, and the lightness of the thinner metal arms.  

Montblanc Men’s frames

The Clubmaster style is immensely popular in men’s frames. They are bold along the brows and simple on the bottom. The versatility of the frame makes them look good on basically everybody! They also look amazing as sunglasses, if you are leaning towards tinted or transition lenses. 

Montblanc Clubmaster Men’s frames

Mr. Leight 

Mr. Leight frames are made in Japan. Each part has been meticulously crafted to maximize visual appeal. With detail being the top priority, even the temples have beautiful patterns etched on that are subtle and eye catching.

These two-tone Mr. Leight Stanley C frames are extremely popular. The lighter color on the bottom gives a subtle look, while the tortoise shell makes it easy to match to any outfit. The round frame shape can help you give off a posh, and creative persona.

Mr. Leight Stanley C Men’s frames

The vintage thin frame from the Carlyle C model is extremely lightweight, but durable thanks to their titanium composition. The navy acetate around the lenses helps prevent the glasses from being washed out. They are simple and help project a care-free image.  

Mr. Leight Carlyle C Men’s frames


Cartier defines true and timeless luxury. The excellent craftsmanship that you see on their jewelry and watches are ever present in their eyewear collection.

A dark rounded rectangular frame is a classic. The rectangular shape looks professional while the softer edges are very flattering, making you feel confident and refined. The frame is clear cut, with a dark navy meteor theme sealed below the surface. A subtle but powerful design.

Cartier Men’s frames

The beautifully crafted arms are made from precious and rare Italian White Poplar wood. They are truly regal and distinctive. It allows the whole frame to be light, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. The “C” embellishment on the side of the frames is a symbol of the Maison Cartier. With the electroplated gold bridge and hinges, they are the height of sophistication and luxury.

Cartier Men’s frames

Custom lenses are also available for the Cartier’s. Be creative and get exactly what you want. With color tint options, levels of gradient, edge design and even engraving! Watch out for our future blog post, as we will have more samples for you to look at.

Cartier custom lenses

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